Russia-EU relations no longer exist Moscow

Russia-EU relations no longer exist Moscow

The bloc chose economic ruin to be a vassal of the United States, Moscow’s UN envoy has said.

Relations between the European Union and Russia are virtually non-existent, consumed by the abyss of EU subservience to the United States, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia told the Security Council on Thursday.

Moscow had said in June 2022 that “the bottom had fallen out” in relations with Brussels, Nebenzia said in his speech at the United Nations.

“It turns out there was a whole abyss below, swallowing not only our relations – which are basically non-existent now – but also the EU itself,” he said.

“A year after completely cutting ties with our country, EU GDP growth is stuck close to zero. At the same time, record inflation rates are measured by double-digit indicators. Glad it jumped off the ‘Russian gas needle’, EU stuck on ‘hard drugs’ – expensive American liquefied natural gas,” the Russian diplomat added.

Nebenzia also accused the EU of openly discussing how to dismember and destroy Russia. Earlier this week, the Prime Minister of Estonia suggested Russian history must be rewritten and its population reeducated, to protect Europe from “Russian imperialist dreams”.

Never in Europe’s history has the continent been so “subservient” to the US, Nebenzia claimed, pointing to last September’s sabotage of Nord Stream.

“Things have come to the point where Brussels has quietly swallowed that its closest ally blew up the gas pipeline, which was also paid for by European investors,” he said, adding that EU members are even hiding inconvenient truths to protect the United States.

The twin pipelines that run under the Baltic Sea were built to supply the continent with Russian natural gas via Germany. Denmark, Sweden and Germany have refused Russian requests for information about their investigation into the blasts.

In an article published earlier this month, US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claimed that the US and Norway had conspired to destroy the pipelines and described how they carried it out. Russia has demanded a UN investigation into the sabotage. The US has denied any responsibility for the Nord Stream bombing.



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