The Finnish Immigration Service implements reforms and reforms into efficient and customer-oriented services

The Finnish Immigration Service implements reforms and reforms into efficient and customer-oriented services

With these partners, a customer-oriented approach to the guidelines is developed. The instructions are being updated to be more customer-oriented and to better support the work of decision-makers at the Immigration Office. The renovation work will start immediately and the first changes will take effect in the spring and summer of 2023.

In addition, chapter 5 of the Aliens Act has been amended and it applies especially to those applying for a residence permit on the basis of work and their employers. In practice, the changes make it easier to apply for and make decisions about work-based residence permits. The change is due to a broader concept, the aim of which is to shorten the processing time for work permits to an average of one month. The changes in Chapter 5 of the Act support previous measures that speed up processing, and the new provisions also enable a wider use of automation.

The change clarifies the roles and responsibilities of customers, employers and the Finnish Immigration Service in work-based applications. The employer has more responsibility for the application. The new principle is that the employer has checked the employee’s qualifications and professional skills, and the employee does not have to prove them again to the Immigration Office. The employee does not need to submit a degree or certificate that is not related to his job duties. Changes and developments make it easier for employees to apply for residence permits and speed up and make the decision-making process more efficient.

Both the guideline reform and the changes to the Aliens Act will help the Finnish Immigration Service implement its new strategy, which focuses on quality, fluidity, efficiency, predictability and customer orientation. The reform ensures that the decisions of the Finnish Immigration Service take better account of the customer’s overall situation in the future. These measures show that the Finnish Immigration Service is moving towards a more streamlined, automated and customer-oriented service that makes applying for and obtaining residence permits smoother and more efficient.


Source: The Nordic Page




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