YLE: AKT is ready for a long fight over the working conditions of the squatters

YLE: AKT is ready for a long fight over the working conditions of the squatters

Juha MutruThe CEO of the Port Operators’ Association showed the opposite to the public broadcasting company that the stakeholder group wants to target wage increases to export industries.

“I believe that the solution can be found within [those parameters]. We also have different texts that we can include in the solution, he said.

Efforts to resolve the dispute continue today.

The stevedores are to continue their strike at the ports until further notice, but the terminal sector strikes ended yesterday and the transport sector strikes on Tuesday. Collective bargaining for both terminal workers and truck, tanker and oil product workers will continue on Monday, February 27.

The postal and logistics union PAU, on the other hand, ended the sympathy strike on Tuesday.

The strikes in the transport, postal and logistics sectors had caused delays and disruptions in Posti’s services. Jarmo AinasojaPosti’s extraordinary director on Tuesday said Suomen posti is doing everything to ensure that all letter and parcel services return to normal without delay.

However, the overcrowding strike may still affect shipments arriving from abroad, Posti said.

When 90 percent of Finland’s foreign goods trade is processed in ports, the overcrowding strike has effectively stopped foreign trade as well.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page




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