Denmark has significantly reduced its energy consumption

Denmark has significantly reduced its energy consumption

Look at the pyramid
Especially for households, the electricity savings were significant – a reduction of more than 20 percent compared to the norm.

The results follow on the heels of three months in 2022 where household electricity reductions fell by around 15 percent.

The Danish Energy Agency has assessed that the energy supply remains stable across all energy sources, and that the gas stocks are in better shape than is typically seen at this time of year.

“A continued stable supply situation depends on us maintaining the good habit of saving – even if we are moving towards warmer times,” said Hansen.

To that end, the Danish Energy Agency has prepared an electricity pyramid guide to help the public to more effectively save on electricity consumption.

In the image below, the greatest electricity savings can be achieved in the lowest levels of the pyramid.

For example, you can get far more savings by cutting down on the use of the dishwasher than you can by turning off the radio or charging your phone.

(photo: Danish Energy Agency)

Source: The Nordic Page




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