EU Envoy, Ukraine Charge d’Affaires commemorates the victims of the war between Russia and Ukraine

EU Envoy, Ukraine Charge d’Affaires commemorates the victims of the war between Russia and Ukraine

New Delhi [India]February 24 (ANI): On the one-year anniversary of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the EU Ambassador, Head of Mission of EU Member States and Like-minded Nations, along with Ukraine’s Charge d’Affaires Ivan Konovalov, on Friday held a meeting to honor the victims.

The envoys held a minute’s silence to pay tribute to the victims of the ongoing military conflict.

Adam Burakowski, Poland’s ambassador to India, condemned the Russian offensive against Ukraine. Speaking to ANI, Burakowski said that Poland has provided all kinds of support to Ukraine. “Poland condemns the Russian aggression against Ukraine from day one. We offer all kinds of support to Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine from day one. We have received millions of refugees from Ukraine and we also support Ukraine by giving them all kinds of help, humanitarian, but also military. We are supporting them with weapons and we are really making this war. We are really informing the whole world about this war, which is absolutely unacceptable,” Burakowski told ANI.

He added, “This is unprovoked and unwarranted aggression against Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and Russia is the only country responsible for this aggression. And we know Ukraine will win and we help Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine.” ANI, Jan Thesleff, Sweden’s ambassador to India, said: “Today is a very sad memory. It is a memory of an aggression that was unprovoked and brutal and illegal that started on February 24 a year ago.” Thesleff added, “So today, we celebrate this. We especially celebrate all the victims who have fallen because of this aggression. So it’s a day of sadness, but it’s also a day of hope in the sense that today here in Delhi embassies I represent Sweden and the EU presidency, but also together with all EU member states gather in solidarity with the people and government of Ukraine.” Diana Mickeviciene, Lithuania’s ambassador to India, said her country stands firmly with Ukraine. Speaking to ANI, Mickeviciene said the people of her homeland have collected millions of euros to help Ukrainians survive the harsh winter.

“My country and I personally would like to register our full support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity, independence and Ukraine’s right to defend itself. We are a Lithuanian government, the Lithuanian people are firmly behind this effort and we help the government as much as we can, but also the people who have collected millions of euros to help Ukrainians survive the harsh winter, Diana Mickeviciene told ANI.

“We are doing this because we know that Ukraine is defending not only themselves, but ourselves because Russia is in fact the last colonial project on earth. It is the last empire that not only refuses to recognize that tag but actually seeks to perpetuate it, ” she added.

Asserting that “Ukraine will win,” Mickeviciene said, “So for us it’s our war and we stand with Ukraine and we will win. And I think the consequence of that is that we’ll come out only stronger and Russia will weaken itself. and go down the path of self-destruction that we can help.” Ukrainian Charge d’Affaires Ivan Konovalov said as a reliable partner, Ukraine is counting on India’s support and India’s abstention at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Thursday is a “sensitive issue” for them.

“The resolution was passed and India’s stand on abstention is definitely a sensitive issue for us. We hope and count on India’s support and we definitely have a trustworthy relationship and hope it will help us in the future,” Konovalov told ANI.

The Ukrainian envoy called India’s G20 chairmanship an opportunity to end the war and said he hopes Ukraine will be at the negotiating table at the group’s meeting later this year.

“During India’s G20 chairmanship, it is very important to have India’s support for Ukraine. We hope that within the framework of the G20, Ukraine will participate and the topic of Ukraine will definitely be on the table. We see the G20 chairmanship India as a window of opportunity to stop this war, to end this war and to win this war,” the Ukrainian envoy said. (ANI)


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