Margaux Dietz – 2.0

Margaux Dietz – 2.0

On November 3, 2022, Margaux Dietz publishes a YouTube video in which her camera crew films a man lying right outside her apartment door. She sneaks out and takes a picture and laughs, and by her side is her son who is allowed to poke the man. In the video, she then calls her personal trainer, saying the man is “bloody” and “covered,” and she wonders if she should call the police.

The criticism will be massive. The media is reporting, sponsors are dropping out and hatred towards Margaux Dietz is pouring out on social media.

The police report is now closed

She is also reported to the police for illegal invasion of privacy, but at the end of February 2023 the preliminary investigation is closed. The question now is whether there is a way back for one of Sweden’s most famous influencers?

32-year-old Margaux Dietz broke through in 2017 when she published a video of her son’s birth on YouTube – the response was enormous. She was named Mama of the Year and got to interview the party leaders before the 2018 election. She was awarded Influencer of the Year, then published the self-help book Your best life, wrote children’s books, became a presenter and made clothing collections. In 2021, she had a turnover of close to SEK 12 million.

Host: Martin Wicklin.

Producer: Hannah Engberg.

Contact: [email protected]





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