Basic Finns dominate the media in Finland’s election news

Basic Finns dominate the media in Finland’s election news

The party has also attracted attention with the debates on the NATO membership debates and the debates on the Translaw Act and the Sámi assemblies.

The analysis covers domestic editorial media coverage of the parliamentary elections from January 1 to February 19, 2023. Basic Finns accounted for 19% of all party mentions in the coverage of the early 2023 elections, Kokoomus ranked second with 18% and Center. third with 16 percent. The most important election topics discussed in the media so far have been foreign and security policy, economic prospects and education.

Basic Finns have also received a lot of attention from other parties’ comments, such as Sanna Marini’s statement that she considers the party racist, and discussions about whether other parties would be ready to form a government with Basic Finns. In addition, the competition for the top spot in the survey has increased the party’s visibility in the media.

Basic Finns dominate the media in Finland's election news

About the party leaders Sanna MarinThe leader of the Social Democratic Party has been the most visible with 1,431 mentions. Riikka Purra The member of the Basic Finnish Party is mentioned in 951 articles. However, the appearance of purra in the articles of Perusfinomani is relatively rarer than Petteri Orpon In articles about the Kokooomus party or in articles about Marini’s social democratic party. The visibility of Basic Finns in the media is slightly lower than the score of the Coalition and SDP at 2.92 on a scale of one to five.

In summary, it can be stated that according to Retriever’s media analysis, Perussuomalaiset has been the most mentioned party in the early media of the upcoming parliamentary elections. The party has garnered the most attention in terms of foreign and security policy, and other issues, such as the trans law and Sámi assemblies, have also increased visibility in the media.

Basic Finns dominate the media in Finland's election news


Source: The Nordic Page

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