European Union agrees to new sanctions against Russia on war day

European Union agrees to new sanctions against Russia on war day

Brussels [Belgium]February 25 (ANI): The European Union on Friday, the first anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, agreed to a new round of sanctions against Moscow, Deutsche Welle (DW) reported.

This comes as the tenth package of sanctions adopted by EU member states.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen had promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during her visit to Kiev earlier this month that the EU would “aim to have the 10th package of sanctions in place” within a year of Russia’s invasion, according to DW.

The new sanctions target entities that support war and spread Russian propaganda.

According to Sweden, which took over the council’s rotating presidency at the beginning of the year, the new measures “targeted limited measures against individuals and entities that support the war, spread propaganda or deliver drones used by Russia in the war.” EU member states have imposed the most powerful and far-reaching sanctions ever to help Ukraine win the war, the Swedish presidency said on Twitter, DW reported.

“The EU stands united with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We will continue to support Ukraine, as long as it takes,” it added.

On the one-year anniversary of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, the EU ambassador, the head of mission for EU member states and like-minded nations, together with Ukraine’s head of state Ivan Konovalov, held a meeting to honor the victims.

The envoys held a minute’s silence to pay tribute to the victims of the ongoing military conflict.

Adam Burakowski, Poland’s ambassador to India, condemned the Russian offensive against Ukraine. Speaking to ANI, Burakowski said that Poland has provided all kinds of support to Ukraine.

“Poland condemns the Russian aggression against Ukraine from day one. We offer all kinds of support to Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine from day one. We have received millions of refugees from Ukraine and we also support Ukraine by giving them all kinds of help, humanitarian, but also military. We are supporting them with weapons and we are really making this war. We are really informing the whole world about this war, which is absolutely unacceptable,” Burakowski told ANI.

The European Union’s ambassador to India, Ugo Astuto, said on Friday that he respects India’s position on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

He made the remark while responding to a question on India’s abstention from the UN General Assembly vote.

“We respect India’s position. We have also noted what the Prime Minister has said not so long ago that this is not the time for war. And we have also noted what India has tried proactively, for example at the time when the arrangement to export grain through Svarta the sea was negotiated. So India is playing a positive role and I am sure this will continue,” the EU envoy said. (ANI)


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