Firstborn Khiewtam, Thursday Diengdoh, Sunday Diengdoh…: Meet Some Curious Candidates For Meghalaya Exams

Firstborn Khiewtam, Thursday Diengdoh, Sunday Diengdoh…: Meet Some Curious Candidates For Meghalaya Exams

Shillong (Meghalaya) [India]February 26 (ANI): Candidates in contention for Monday’s Meghalaya Assembly elections include Sweden, Tibet, Thailand, Tripura, Goa and Meghalaya, of course! These candidates are named after countries and Indian states, cross party lines and contest. to be elected as members of the House in this year’s polls.

Not only candidates, even some voters in the polling states have names that are amusing and downright bizarre. Firstborn Khiewtam, Thursday Diengdoh, Sunday Diengdoh, Nuclear Khiewtam, Jupiter, Venus Khongtim, Saturn, Remainder Khongsdam, July Khongsdam, Complan Tangsong, Councilor Tangsong, Gentle Tangsong, Favour, Player, Meghalaya Khongtim, Firstborn Khongtim, Rajdoot Double Kmmhongless Khongwir, Faithful Massar, Everyday Tangsong, Tripura Khongim, Tibet Diengdoh, Sweden Kharjana and Village Khongtim are some of them.

They mostly live in remote border villages in the state.

According to locals, most people in these areas have a penchant for English and named themselves or their relatives after fancy English words. And, as evidenced by some of the names on the electoral rolls, they couldn’t care less about the meaning of the English words they were named after.

Some of the other interesting names in contention for Monday’s polls are Moonlight Pariot (UDP), Coming One Ymbon (NPP), Lasting Suchiang (TMC), Firstborn Manner (BJP), Sunmoon D Marak (TMC), Sunshine Makri (UDP), Mayborn Grace Lyngdoh (Voice of the People Party), Process T Sawkmie (UDP), Brightstarwell Marbaniang (Voice of the People Party), Manuel Badwar (Congress), Auspicious Lyngdoh Mawphlang (PDF), Playness Khiewtam (TMC), Wellborn Bynnud ( Congress), Counselor Mukhim (BJP), Fourteenson Lyngkhoi (Congress), Sounder Strong Cajee (TMC) and Starline Momin (Independent).

Umniuh Nongrim, a village near the Indo-Bangladesh border in Shella assembly constituency in East Khasi Hills district, has a total of 745 registered voters while Umniuh B, another remote village in this poll-bound northeastern state, has 781 voters.

And, as it turns out, the majority of these candidates and voters come from these villages.

The counting of votes for the 60-member Meghalaya Assembly elections will be done on March 2. (ANI)


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