Naked in mosquito hell

Naked in mosquito hell

In the summer of 2009, the mosquito plague is unbearable in the village of Bärrek in Gästrikland. In the area around the mouth of the lower Dalälven, mosquitoes cause businesses to move, tourists to flee and local residents to stay indoors.

At a rock festival, three friends from Valbo talk about the mosquito hell in Bärrek. They’ve heard a rumor that whoever gets enough mosquito bites at one opportunity then completely gets rid of the itch. After a few beers, Johan Norbäck and his two friends decide to find out if the rumor is true. They call it Operation Overdose.

The mosquito would suck blood for six hours

On a warm and sunny summer day, they go to Bärrek. They set up a camping table, strip down to just their underpants and set the table with puzzles, soft drinks and crisps. The goal is to let the mosquitoes suck blood from their naked bodies for six hours. The locals think they’re crazy and the local press come to see how long the guys can last.

– During the course of the work, it became clear to me that even though the antics of the Valbokillars were deadly, the mosquito plague for the local residents was no laughing matter. And the fight against mosquitoes also became something that I decided to portray in this story, says Gustaf Wallinder, who made the documentary.

The documentary was made in 2023.

Reporter: Gustaf Wallinder
Producers: Ola Hemström and Sofia Kottorp
Final mix: Elvira Björnfot

You can reach P4 Dokumentar at [email protected]





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