Can the internet make us more social?

It probably comes as no surprise to you that the Internet holds and has possibilities. But does it also include the possibility of being more social? Read on and get our most important insights!

There are many opinions about whether we should have mobile phones with us at the dinner table or during our lunch break at work. The internet has our attention like a magnet, and then you might not get to socialize.

But is it really possible to be social online? Yes, it’s real, and you have a wide range of options to make your online experiences more social.

Live casino makes games more social
One of the many things you can quickly become engrossed in on the internet is live casino. It is in many ways a more social way of playing than the more traditional online games. When you play live casino, you play against other players in real time.

In addition, you will usually be able to access a chat function so that you can communicate with e.g. dealers while you play. Last but not least, you can follow this dealer on webcam as he deals cards and more.

All these different elements help make the game a more social experience. At the same time, it will usually also be more exciting, because it all takes place here and now. These are probably also some of the reasons why live casino has gained great popularity in Denmark.

You can play more and more games live
By 2023, there are now many games you can play live. In particular, there are many of the great classics that can be played in real time. It could be poker, for example. This game already exists in a plethora of variants, and now it can also be played live. But you can also play games like roulette live – as well as many, many others.

Is social media social?
To the question of whether the Internet can make us more social, the answer must be that it is about how we use it. Just because social media are called what they do, they are not necessarily social. Nevertheless, they can easily be used to socialize if that is what we want.

Social media offers great opportunities to be social when it comes to chatting, sharing your thoughts, becoming part of communities and getting information about social events. On the other hand, scrolling and comparing yourself to others for hours is not a (good) social experience.

If you would like to have a more social experience online, it is therefore usually a matter of how you use the internet. Danes access many different activities onlineand many of them can be made more social.

For example, you can choose a live casino game over a traditional one, you can share your thoughts and feelings on social media, and you can take your sister online shopping using a video call. The possibilities are many, and it’s just a matter of being creative.

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