France seeks ‘pro-nuclear alliance’ for EU energy talks

France seeks ‘pro-nuclear alliance’ for EU energy talks

France is planning a meeting in Sweden on Tuesday with 12 other EU countries, with the aim of building an alliance of states to advocate nuclear power in the EU’s energy policy.

The meeting, initiated by French Energy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher on the sidelines of a meeting of EU energy ministers in Stockholm, will focus on nuclear energy’s contribution to climate change goals and energy security, a French official said.

The aim is to form a pro-nuclear alliance with other countries ahead of EU negotiations, the official said, without specifying which policies those negotiations concerned.

The move comes amid a growing dispute between France and like-minded countries that want more EU policies to promote nuclear power as a low-carbon energy source, and those such as Germany and Spain that say the fuel should not be put on the same level as renewables. energy.

Assessing the cost and feasibility of France’s nuclear future

The countries that will participate are Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, the Netherlands and Finland, as well as the European Commission.

Dutch Energy Minister Rob Jetten said he welcomed the cooperation, but noted that the Netherlands disagrees with France on some points – including the Dutch view that the EU should prioritize renewable-based hydrogen over other low-carbon forms of the fuel.

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France seeks 'pro-nuclear alliance' for EU energy talks


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