Smuggling Sweden – Marble slabs from Morocco | part 4/6

Smuggling Sweden – Marble slabs from Morocco |  part 4/6

In November 2020, customs in the Port of Gothenburg will receive an inspection mission. They are to investigate a shipment from Casablanca. Three containers of marble slabs are passed through and finally the customs find vacuum-packed hash in what looks like marble slabs. In total, it is 1.2 tonnes and it will be the largest drug seizure in Swedish history.

FBI was behind encrypted app

The tip has reached customs after the US FBI allowed the enforcement of an encrypted app. Anom has been marketed as a secure communications service, made by criminals – for criminals. When the FBI discovers that many users write in Swedish, the Swedish police are called in.

Over 12,000 phones connected to 300 networks in 100 countries have used Anom. In June 2021, a global crackdown of 9,000 police officers will take place. In Sweden, 65 people were arrested in the first day alone.

Of: Karwan Faraj and Martin Jonsson
Producer: Magnus Arvidsson
Final mix: Bengt Pettersson
Actor: “Mickey” – Stefan Bladh

So we made the Smuggelsverige series

The work on the series Smuggelsverige has been going on for over a year with about 100 interviewees, including the intelligence services of the Customs and the police, the arms smuggler Marko, the drug smuggler Micke and Alex, who was part of one of the gangs in Biskopsgården.

Karwan Faraj is a freelance journalist and has made investigative documentaries about terrorism and gang crime for TV and radio for over ten years. In 2019, he was awarded the major journalist award for the P3 documentary series “Terror Siblings and IS”.

Martin Jonsson has worked at Sveriges Radio since 2005. He is a reporter and producer in P1’s documentary editorial department. Martin is a former Guldspade nominee and has worked at, among others, Ekot and was Sveriges Radio’s substitute correspondent in London.

Do you have tips on issues related to arms and drug smuggling? Please contact us! [email protected].


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