This is how Europe can bring Putin to justice

This is how Europe can bring Putin to justice

In Ukraine, feverish efforts are underway to collect evidence and register suspected war crimes. Lubna El-Shanti has met with victims and war crimes investigators and in total over 70,000 suspected war crimes have been registered. In Ukraine, there is a strong hope of being able to prosecute and sentence Putin for the invasion, the crime of aggression.

Ukraine places great hope in international law

The difficulties facing a future legal process are many – immunity for leaders, the fact that Russia has not recognized the International Criminal Court ICC, the possibility of arresting Putin and more. There are proposals to establish a new special international tribunal to solve some of the problems. But several complications remain and the question of how justice can be served for what is now happening in Europe has ended up high on the EU’s agenda. Several European countries are also conducting their own investigations, including Sweden. Ukraine places great hope in international justice.

– All the most responsible leaders in the wars in Yugoslavia have ended up in the tribunal sooner or later. So time works for justice, says Pål Wrange, professor of international law in Europapodden.

Contributor: Lubna El-Shanti, Ukraine correspondent. Susanne Palme, EU commentator. Pål Wrange, professor of international law at Stockholm University.
Program manager: Caroline Salzinger
Producer: Therese Rosenvinge
Technician Tor: Sigvardsson


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