The city of Helsinki appoints Glenn Gassen as director of immigration and Annukka Sorjonen as director of labor

The city of Helsinki appoints Glenn Gassen as director of immigration and Annukka Sorjonen as director of labor

Gassen and Sorjonen are responsible for increasing the vitality of the city by ensuring that companies and employers find qualified people and that the people of Helsinki get employment.

Gassen, who previously worked as Enter Espoo’s innovation manager, believes that immigration will increase Helsinki’s vitality and states that Helsinki’s economic strength is based on the growth opportunities of local companies, and the lack of skilled professionals is a significant obstacle to growth. Gassen is also keen to promote integration, as the city’s role as a promoter of integration will expand with the KOTO2024 reform.

Previously acting Sorjonen, who served as director of immigration and employment, foresees significant changes on the employment front with the TE2024 reform. The city will soon take on comprehensive job placement responsibility, and Sorjonen plans to create an employment service ecosystem that will benefit both Helsinki residents and companies. He believes that by providing better services to citizens and businesses, the general well-being of the city will improve.

All in all, the appointment of Gassen and Sorjone emphasizes how important Helsinki considers both integrating immigrants into the local community and supporting its citizens in finding employment. A city’s success depends on its ability to attract skilled workers and retain residents, and the experience of new leaders will strengthen the city’s economic and social fabric.


Source: The Nordic Page




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