The stevedoring strike will end after the agreement between the transport workers and the port operators

The stevedoring strike will end after the agreement between the transport workers and the port operators

According to him, the stevedores will return to work as soon as possible, but on Saturday at the latest.

“During the 25-month contract period, salary increases will increase by 6.3 percent, in addition to which there will be a so-called deferment amount of 1,100 euros,” he comment For Helsingin Sanomat on Wednesday.

Kokko said people can decide for themselves whether the deal is in line with wage increases agreed in other industries or granted in Germany, which had been the goal of the roughly 45,000-member ACP. According to him, the most important thing is that an agreement that satisfies both parties has been found.

The agreement does not bring any other significant changes to the working conditions of the stevedores.

– There are a couple of things that can be important for the industry, but which are usually not very interesting. Mostly we talk about salary, Kokko said.

The ACP had rejected two previous proposals to settle the labor dispute, and its president insisted that it would not settle for wage increases that correspond to the so-called “salary” imposed by key export industries such as the technology industry. general increases. In the next two years, the salary of employees in the export industries will increase by approximately six percent and will receive a one-time one percent salary bonus.

The Port Operators Association said on Wednesday that the stevedoring agreement is in line with the general line, and it now covers about half, or 600,000, of the employees in the ongoing round of collective bargaining.

managing director Juha Mutru stated that the negotiations were made difficult by the economic situation and high inflation, which at the same time weakened the finances of companies and increased the wage demands of employees.

“It is particularly unfortunate that most of the economic damage was to unrelated businesses,” he said.

On Tuesday, AKT approved the new working conditions for drivers of trucks, tankers and petroleum products, as well as terminal workers. Yesterday, however, the union launched a bus drivers’ strike, which has severely disrupted local bus traffic in large cities across Finland.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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