Smuggelsverige – The police murder in Biskopsgården | part 5/6

Smuggelsverige – The police murder in Biskopsgården |  part 5/6

June 30, 2021. 112 receives several alarm calls about a shooting in Biskopsgården in Gothenburg. Two police officers are in the area and drive towards Vårväderstorget on a moped. One of them is Andreas Danman. Arriving at the scene, he is shot to death.

Witnesses describe the perpetrator as young, wearing a black hoodie and armed with a firearm. A 17-year-old is arrested within just a few days.

The weapon is traced to Slovakia

The weapon used in the police killing is a Skorpion, a small submachine gun. Through the serial number H8212 it can be traced back to Slovakia. It was smuggled into Sweden back in 2014. How did it end up in the hands of a 17-year-old in Biskopsgården?

It’s not the only weapon. Since 2014, Swedish customs have noted that the same Slovak company has sent several packages of weapons to Sweden.

Of: Karwan Faraj and Martin Jonsson
Producer: Magnus Arvidson
Final mix: Bengt Pettersson
Actor: “Alex” – Dennis Franco

So we made the Smuggelsverige series

The work on the series Smuggelsverige has been going on for over a year with about 100 interviewees, including the intelligence services of the Customs and the police, the arms smuggler Marko, the drug smuggler Micke and Alex, who was part of one of the gangs in Biskopsgården.

Karwan Faraj is a freelance journalist and has made investigative documentaries about terrorism and gang crime for TV and radio for over ten years. In 2019, he was awarded the major journalist award for the P3 documentary series “Terror Siblings and IS”.

Martin Jonsson has worked at Sveriges Radio since 2005. He is a reporter and producer in P1’s documentary editorial department. Martin is a former Guldspade nominee and has worked at, among others, Ekot and was Sveriges Radio’s substitute correspondent in London.

Do you have tips on issues related to arms and drug smuggling? Please contact us! [email protected].


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