“Ellen” left the marriage with two Ikea boxes

“Ellen” left the marriage with two Ikea boxes

Ellen had been married for 40 years when, on New Year’s morning, she packed two blue Ikea bags and left her husband forever. “When you do things like this, you think, this is real. The heart beats hard and you take a step that you’ve been thinking about for an incredibly long time,” says Ellen, whose real name is something else.

Divorces among those aged 60+ have doubled in Sweden since the turn of the millennium. Torbjörn Bildtgård at Stockholm University researches the relationships of the elderly. In his latest study, he interviews 37 people who divorced after 60. “If you are 60 today, you can look forward to 15 years in reasonably good health, plus a few more years, and that is a long time to live with someone don’t enjoy,” says Torbjörn Bildtgård. In Vetenskapsradion Forskarliv, he talks about gray divorces and we also get to hear Ellen’s story.

Cast: Torbjörn Bildtgård, docent in sociology, Stockholm University. Ellen, who divorced when she was 68 years old.
Reporter: Cecilia Ohlen
Sound mix: Elvira Björnfot





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