Helsinki is preparing to sell several well-known buildings

Helsinki is preparing to sell several well-known buildings

The sale of the buildings is supposed to start this year, if the board approves the plan.

The buildings for sale include restaurants, rehabilitation facilities and residential buildings. Kaivohuone and Klippan located in Kaivopuisto will be sold by tender and will continue to operate as restaurants.

The buildings of the Kulosaari manor, which are protected, are to be sold for tourism and event use. The business plan also includes two historic buildings in Eastern Helsinki, Villa Solvik and Rastila Manor.

The buildings currently used for renovation at Malmi are also planned to be sold. Malmikoti on Kunnantie and Malmi day activities center on Vanha Helsingintie are proposed to be sold through negotiations for social and healthcare use.

The city of Helsinki plans to give up properties that it no longer needs for its services or that there are no other strategic reasons for owning. The city’s assets can therefore be directed primarily to the maintenance and renovation of schools, kindergartens and other service buildings.

The buildings are selected for sale based on their condition and development potential. The 11 buildings proposed for sale require significant renovations or have immediate repair needs. The city estimates the imputed repair debt of the buildings to be around 7.7 million euros. The repair debt refers to the amount needed to restore the buildings to a reasonable condition for use.

In addition to the buildings proposed for sale, the city of Helsinki plans to sell more buildings in the future as part of the sale program. This program aims to ensure that city assets are used more effectively and efficiently. The sale of these buildings offers new companies and investors the opportunity to invest in Helsinki’s real estate market.


Source: The Nordic Page




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