Sales of electric cars are increasing strongly in Denmark

Electric cars sell fast in Denmark. In February, 3,148 new ones were bought by the Danes, according to De Danske Bilimportører.

The increase is quite impressive, as there were 83.3 percent more sales than February 2022.

“The new figures are a clear sign that the Danes are moving quickly when it comes to converting to electric cars,” says Mads Rørvig, CEO of De Danske Bilimportører, to TV2.

“This is partly because they have chosen to exempt them from tax, but also because the supply of electric cars has become much larger.”

One car tops the ranking
February also marked the first month in Denmark’s history that an electric model, Tesla’s Model Y, was the most popular choice with 1,018 cars sold, finishing well ahead of the Peugeot 208 (730) and Ford Kuga (287).

The second most popular electric option, the Volkswagen ID.4, only managed 188 models.

The interest certainly puts Denmark on course to reach the goal of 1 million green cars on Danish roads by 2030.

Still a little too expensive
Tax incentives are essential to achieving the target, experts agree, and there are fears they could be cut by 2025.

“If, contrary to expectations, we get a tax increase in 2025, I think it will be problematic to reach our goal. Because it is important with electric cars that they come down in price before we can bear the taxes. We are not there yet,” says Ilyas Dogru, consumer economist at FDM, to TV2.

“The target group for electric cars has become significantly larger, and if Tesla manages to push the competitors’ prices down further and further, then the target group will only get larger. It is very good for the green transition.”

In January, Tesla lowered the prices of several of its electric models, including the popular Model Y, which was reduced by over 100,000 kroner.

Source: The Nordic Page




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