Europe gets caught up in Myanmar’s junta leaders, supporters

Europe gets caught up in Myanmar’s junta leaders, supporters

On February 20, the European Union announced a sixth round of sanctions against nine individuals and seven entities in military-ruled Myanmar in light of the “continued escalation of violence, serious human rights violations and threats to the peace, security and stability of Myanmar” two years after the February 1, 2021, coup. The sanctions involve travel bans and asset freezes for influential businessmen, politicians and the military.

According to the EU, some of the targeted individuals were “involved in the process of death sentences and executions of four democracy activists in July 2022, and in Kachin State, where they oversaw airstrikes, massacres, raids, arson and the use of human shields committed by the military.”

The EU said in its statement: “All hostilities must cease immediately. The military authorities must fully respect international humanitarian law and put an end to the indiscriminate use of force.”

The announcement comes after the pro-democracy advocacy group Justice for Myanmar on January 25 reported on networks established between foreign countries, intergovernmental organizations and financial institutions that have helped the junta forces acquire “funds, resources and power.”

At the same time, the conflict in Myanmar is intensifying. According to a Report in Mizzima, the military government carried out 57 airstrikes in January and 652 airstrikes since the coup in February 2021. More than 288 individuals, mostly civilians, have died and 377 have been seriously injured as a result of these attacks since the coup.

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Source: Peoples Dispatch / Globetrotter News Service


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