Trump on stage again, thinner sea ice in the Gulf of Bothnia and elections in Estonia

Trump on stage again, thinner sea ice in the Gulf of Bothnia and elections in Estonia

Hour 1:

  • US Correspondents’ analysis of the Maryland Republican Convention

  • Reportage from the Luleå archipelago where the sea ice has become thinner

  • The first electricity subsidy has landed in Swedes’ accounts. What effects does it have?

  • South Korean pop band BTS inspires Swedish conversation group

  • Chronicle by Ulrika Knutson

  • The panel with Göran Greider, Helle Klein and Tove Lifvendahl

    Hour 2:

  • Conversation about China’s role and relationship with the military power Russia

  • Report on Estonia, which is going to elections on Sunday 5 March

  • Reportage from Izium in Ukraine, where nearly 500 bodies were provisionally buried last autumn. What happened next? Our correspondents have returned to the scene.

  • Public Service Satire

  • Vasaloppet, Gustav Vasa and the memory of the formation of the nation state of Sweden. Conversation with Maja Hagerman, writer & filmmaker

  • Cheese by Helena von Zweigbergk


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