23 percent of Finns favor the formation of the coalition and the Basic Finns government

23 percent of Finns favor the formation of the coalition and the Basic Finns government
Desires as the basis for forming a government. The figure shows the percentage of respondents who believe that one party should be the leading party and the other party the governing party. Photo: EVA’s Values ​​and Attitudes survey.

19 percent of the respondents wanted a government formed by the SDP and the Coalition, while 10 percent wanted a government based on the current SDP-Center coalition. These options represent the proportion of respondents who chose one of the parties as the prime minister’s party and the other as a coalition partner.

24% of Finns believe that the next prime minister should come from the Coalition, while 23% hope that the current SDP prime minister will continue in office.

In addition to being the most popular prime ministerial party, the Coalition is also the second most popular choice (26%) in the support party for a government led by another party.

Coalition voters consider conservative parties rather than left-wing parties as coalition partners, but are also ready to accept SDP if necessary. SDP’s supporters have difficulty finding a main cooperation partner other than the Greens and the Left Alliance. The center is even less preferable than Kokoumus as a coalition partner for those hoping to lead the SDP government. On the other hand, the voters of the Coalition and the Basic Finns have grown closer to each other and see each other as desirable coalition partners.

“The Coalition’s role as a party for all situations is proof that the 2023 elections are not block elections. Block elections would require two ideologically different blocs, between which voters can choose. The survey results suggest that there are two different shades of government options, but it is difficult to form a government without the Coalition “, says Sami MetelinenEVA editor-in-chief who wrote the analysis.

The most important issues for voters when choosing a party and candidate are the management of public finances and social and health issues.

The results are based on the answers of 2,043 people, and their margin of error is 2-3 percentage points in either direction for the entire population. The data has been collected from 31 January to 13 February 2023. The respondents represent the entire country’s population aged 18-79 (excluding Åland). The sample was collected from an online panel maintained by Taloustutkimus Oy, and stratified random sampling was used to form the research sample.

23 percent of Finns favor the formation of the coalition and the Basic Finns government
Expectations (%) about the composition of the future board. Photo: EVA’s value and attitude survey.


Source: The Nordic Page

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