Copenhagen has the world’s best work-life balance, according to a Forbes survey

Copenhagen has the best work-life balance in the world, according to Forbes Advisor.

Its 2023 survey assessed 128 major cities worldwide, giving each a score out of 100. Copenhagen scored 70.5, placing it well ahead of Helsinki at 65.1.

Nordic cities dominated and took six of the top seven places, with Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg and Reykjavik also included.

Only Auckland (NZ) in fifth place and the European trio of Vienna, Edinburgh and Belfast (eighth to tenth) managed to break into the top ten from outside the region.

Strong emphasis on sustainability
Close to ten factors were assessed, including World Happiness Index ranking, Gender Inequality Index ranking, average working hours, minimum statutory annual leave, property price-to-income ratio, share of remote and hybrid work vacancies, maternity leave policy, parks and nature reserves per capita , unemployment rate and sunlight hours.

“Copenhagen is ranked as the best city for a work-life balance with its strong emphasis on sustainability and high quality of life. This is reflected in its infrastructure, public transport and green spaces,” the report explained.

“The residents of the Danish capital are known for their ‘hygge’ lifestyle, which focuses on taking time to look after themselves and others, relax and enjoy life’s quieter pleasures. Many companies in the Danish capital maintain these values ​​in the workplace and offer flexible working hours and at least five weeks annual holiday.”

In addition, it noted: “Unemployment is lower than many other parts of Europe (2.4 percent) and companies offer a reasonable parental leave split of 52 weeks for both parents.”

Source: The Nordic Page

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