Denmark increases aid to Turkey

DKK 141 million in total
The extra 35 million means that Denmark has now donated 141 million kroner to Turkish and Syrian victims. The majority of the funds will be used to provide food, shelter, access to health services and help to process the psychological trauma.

Counseling is vital, believes Jørgensen, who visited the tent camps that house those who have lost their homes. The minister also visited centers that distribute food to the homeless and those that provide psychological support to children affected by the earthquakes.

“My message on this visit has been clear: Denmark would very much like to help the Turkish people in this difficult situation. The victims of the earthquake urgently need our help,” he said.

“I have no doubt that the Danish aid makes a big difference to the lives of many people who are in an absolutely terrible situation. And I am deeply impressed by the important efforts our partners are making under very difficult conditions.”

Source: The Nordic Page




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