Finland and Estonia – with their backs to Russia

Finland and Estonia – with their backs to Russia

Estonia and Finland together share most of the EU’s border with Russia. The heads of government, Kaja Kallas and Sanna Marin, have been setting the tone for the EU’s support for Ukraine, and elections are being held in both countries these days. In Finland there is just under a month left and in Estonia elections were held this past weekend. The liberal Reform Party became the largest party by a wide margin and Prime Minister Kaja Kallas is tasked with forming a government.

This is how Finland views Sweden’s NATO mess

In Estonia, it has been an election completely marked by the war and where the massive support for Ukraine has been disputed to some extent. In Finland, on the other hand, there is a consensus on the Ukraine aid and it is instead national debt and taxes that receive the most focus. The NATO debate has also subsided, and in Finland people prefer to talk quietly about the fact that they may now join the defense alliance ahead of Sweden.

Contributor: Carina Holmberg, correspondent in Finland and the Baltics. Marianne Sundholm, political reporter Yle. Susanne Palme, EU commentator.
Program manager: Caroline Salzinger
Producer: Therese Rosenvinge
Technician: Mariette Parling


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