Helsinki-Vantaa Airport was awarded the best airport in Europe in its category

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport was awarded the best airport in Europe in its category

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport has maintained its strong position among the world’s best airports year after year,” says Kimmo MäkiCEO of Finavia.

The ASQ award (Airport Service Quality) is awarded by the Airports Council International (ACI), the international umbrella organization for airports. The awards were given to airports that were the best in their area and size category.

The award is based on continuous measurement of customer satisfaction and service quality. The ASQ survey is conducted annually at nearly 400 airports in 95 countries. For the research, about a thousand air passengers are interviewed at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport every three months.

In the ASQ survey, air travelers rated 30 different service categories, including guidance, customer service, check-in, and shopping and dining options.

In recent years, Finavia has renewed Helsinki-Vantaa’s service and restaurant selection as part of the airport’s extensive development program. The departure, arrival and security checks have also been renewed.

“We have designed and built Helsinki-Vantaa and its renovated terminal for air passengers. We believe that we have succeeded in developing an airport that serves the versatile needs of different passengers and improves the smoothness of travel,” says Mäki.

In addition to the ASQ award, Finavia received an honorable mention for its long-term work for customer satisfaction. The ACI World General Director’s Roll of Excellence recognition was awarded to only five airports worldwide. In the last five years, Finavia has received the ASQ award in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022.

“I thank Finavia’s employees as well as all the companies and staff working at the airport for the great achievement and the excellent customer service work that all airport employees are committed to. A successful customer experience can only be created by working together,” says Mäki.


Source: The Nordic Page




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