The Ateneum reopens in April with a new collection exhibition: A Question of Time

The Ateneum reopens in April with a new collection exhibition: A Question of Time

Through these themes, guests are encouraged to participate in a common discussion on current topics such as the climate crisis, identity and equality.

Museum Director, Marja Sakari, emphasizes that the goal of the collection exhibition is to challenge the traditional, chronological approach to the collection and to welcome diverse interpretations of the works. In preparation for the exhibition, the museum organized public discussions to examine the art collection of the State Art Museum from the perspectives of the climate crisis, identity and equality.

The opening day of the exhibition is preceded by a special preview for high school students, who are welcome to get to know the exhibition, meet the professionals working at the museum and take a peek behind the scenes of the museum’s operations.

Ateneum Art Museum is committed to the transparency of its curatorial policy and invites discussion about its design. The question of time promises to offer visitors a unique opportunity to get to know art and history from the 18th century to the present day and its relationship with contemporary issues.


Source: The Nordic Page




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