The tactics that make Erdogan a feared negotiator

The tactics that make Erdogan a feared negotiator

Sveriges Radio’s Turkey correspondent Johan Mathias Sommarström tells how President Recep Tayyip Erdogan does to win negotiations. Erdogan is known as a tough negotiator. But at the same time, you can never count him out – at the last moment he can completely turn around.

On March 9, talks between Turkey, Sweden and Finland about NATO membership will resume. Although Erdogan is not participating, he has the final say on Turkey’s announcement.

The news podcast Today’s Eco brings you a story every weekday morning with host Robin Olin and Sweden’s Radio’s sharpest journalists.

Host: Robin Olin

Guest: Johan Mathias Sommarström, Turkey correspondent

Producer: Katja Magnusson

With audio from: Haber lutfen, Donald Trump’s twitter account, The Telegraph, Ekot, Places travel videos, Cafe De Anatolia lounge

Audio layout: Ludvig Jansson and Jakob Lalér

Contact: [email protected]


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