The training program accelerates nursing education against the shortage

The training program accelerates nursing education against the shortage

You can apply to the program during the joint application process from 15 to 30 March 2023. The training is intended especially for those who have completed the CNA program.

Thanks to the educational background, students can complete their degree in part-time studies in about half the normal time.

“The content of the entrance exams is planned in accordance with the curriculum and is part of the education program. In addition, as a Diak student, it is possible to apply previously acquired competences as credits towards the degree,” said. Päivi ConlinDiak’s health education manager.

North Ostrobothnia currently has a shortage of approximately 1,000 nurses.

According to a recent Keva study, the shortage of nurses has doubled in the last two years. Nationwide, more than 16,600 new registered nurses are needed. In order to correct the situation, several simultaneous measures must be taken. One way to alleviate the lack of skilled labor is to increase the number of graduates and strengthen the attractiveness of the sector through development activities.

Diak’s training program is a new way to solve the problem.

“Our work at Diak aims to build a more sustainable and humane society. With customized training, we can help meet the shortage of healthcare professionals and train skilled professionals in the field,” said Conlin.

The nursing education for certified nursing assistants is 210 credits, and there are 25 places in Oulu.

“Through this education, the graduates become experts in a humane and versatile profession. Studying at Diak has a greater purpose and profound meaning. At Diak, we build a better world for all of us,” added Conlin.

In addition to the application made during the joint application process, applicants must register separately for the entrance exam course in the Diak Open University’s online store from March 15 to April 14. More detailed instructions for registering and completing the entrance exam course can be found on Diak’s website.


Source: The Nordic Page




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