This is how Putin’s coup attempt failed

This is how Putin’s coup attempt failed

Hear about the reports that Russia was preparing a coup d’état in Moldova – and how it was averted.

The intelligence part of the war is spreading with destabilization attempts in areas around Ukraine. Also hear about attacks against a Russian spy plane in Belarus and about street protests in Georgia.

In addition, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was laughed at when he said during a visit to India that Russia was a victim of war. Hear about what lies behind such a statement.

Participants: On location in Moldova Ekot’s seconded foreign reporter Johanna Melén. Moscow Correspondent Maria Persson Löfgren. Analyst at the Foreign Policy Institute, Stefan Ingvarsson.

Program manager: Fredrik Wadström
Producer: Marina Nilsson Malmström
Technician: Monica Bergmark


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