Finland’s Niinistö is still optimistic about NATO membership

Finland’s Niinistö is still optimistic about NATO membership

Niinistö, who spoke to the media after sitting down with the US president Joe Biden In the White House, said Biden, he confirmed his strong support for Finland and Sweden. “Biden urged us forward. He hoped I was right in my optimism,” he said.

The meeting was not originally on the agenda of his five-day visit to the United States. According to Helsingin Sanomat. It was proposed by the White House.

Niinistö declined to comment on speculation that the U.S. could use F-16 fighter jets to speed up Turkey’s ratification process, saying Finland does not interfere in Turkey-U.S. bilateral affairs.

“Fighter planes are not part of the membership of Finland and Sweden,” he answered.

He stated that he and his colleagues understand that heavy weapons systems and surface-to-air missiles are critical for Ukraine at this time. Also Kevin McCarthyAccording to Niinistö, the newly elected Republican speaker of the US House of Representatives strongly supports continuing to support Ukraine.

Ukraine will receive support as long as it is needed, he confirmed. He added that China would also have the opportunity to positively influence the war, but a clear difference between Western and Eastern thinking has become an obstacle.

“There is more and more global tension between the two parties, which means Western and Eastern thinking. These are qualities that should be recognized, Niinistö said.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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