New Citizens in chaos: New party leader fired

Cracks appeared after the election
According to correspondence released by the party, Mathiesen was dismissed after demanding around DKK 350,000 to be transferred from a party account to his own personal account to pay for a “personal branding campaign” that the party had not sanctioned.

Mathiesen threatened to leave the party if his demands were not met.

According to the email that Nye Borgerlige sent out to its members, Mathiesen also demanded over DKK 2.6 million to become leader of the party.

The party will immediately start the process of finding a new leader.

Even before Vermund left the party, there were cracks in the foundation.

In the immediate slipstream of a successful general election in 2022, the party lost a mandate when Mette Thiesen jumped to become independent just six days after the election.

Source: The Nordic Page




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