Ruben Östlund’s unknown game to win an Oscar

Ruben Östlund’s unknown game to win an Oscar

The US Correspondent Roger Wilson tells about the game that is being talked about before the Oscars, which will be decided on Sunday. Swedish Ruben Östlund’s “Triangle of Sadness” has a chance at three prizes. But to win, it takes more than just a good film – behind every award is persistent campaigning.

The news podcast Today’s Eco gives you a story every weekday morning with presenter Lena Nordlund and Sveriges Radio’s sharpest journalists.

Host: Lena Nordlund

Guest: Roger Wilson, San Francisco correspondent

Producer: Karl Kadhammar and Elin Roumeliotou

Final mix: Ludvig Jansson

The sounds came from: The Oscars 2018, Film i Väst, TT, Sveriges Radio, the YouTube channel “Q with Tom”, the trailer for Triangle of sadness and the Oscars 2019.

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