The hunting harvests of white-tailed deer and red deer are decreasing in Finland

The hunting harvests of white-tailed deer and red deer are decreasing in Finland

However, the number of white-tailed deer felled last season decreased by about 9% and the total harvest was about 7,000 animals less than the previous season.

The decrease in the hunting harvest was particularly evident in the border areas of Satakunta, Pohjois and Etelä Häme and Varsinais Suomen game management districts. The white-tailed deer population is also believed to have decreased in these areas. In recent years, efforts have been made to systematically reduce the deer population in southwestern Finland, primarily to reduce collisions between deer and vehicles.

Half of the harvested white-tailed deer were fawns, while half of the adult animals were males and females. About 68% of the granted hunting permits were used throughout the country. Each hunting permit allows the shooting of one adult animal or two calves.

In March, the Finnish Natural Resource Center will publish an estimate of the size of the white-tailed deer population. Last year, the population was estimated to be around 109,000 white-tailed deer in the early spring of 2022. The white-tailed deer is the most important game species in Southwest Finland, which is hunted by tens of thousands of hunters every year. The estimated yield of venison obtained from hunting in recent years is more than 2 million kilos per year.

Hunting Finland’s smallest species of deer does not require a hunting permit, but captured animals must be reported to the Finnish Game Center. The previous season’s return decreased by about 9% compared to the previous season. Forests were harvested in all Finnish game management districts, most in Finland proper.

Deer hunting ended at the end of January, and 313 were caught. The harvest increased in all regions except Finland proper. The total growth was about 28% compared to the previous season. The European moose occurs mainly in southern Finland and the archipelago as local populations.


Source: The Nordic Page

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