The Young Designer of the Year 2023 competition is looking for the most exciting emerging fashion designers of today

The Young Designer of the Year 2023 competition is looking for the most exciting emerging fashion designers of today

The competition is divided into two parts. In the first part, participants have to create the perfect outfit that embodies the theme of joy. They can interpret the theme the way they want and design an outfit that reflects it. In the second part of the competition, the participants design a mental health ribbon for MIELI ry, a national mental health charity.

The winning designer will have the opportunity to showcase their talents to the general public and gain significant exposure, as previous winners have demonstrated. Rolf Ekroththe 2015 winner, has since founded his own fashion label, designed clothing collections for several major brands and won other international design competitions. Ervin Latimeranother past winner, has also gained attention at the Pitti Uomo fashion show in Florence Heidi KarjalainenThe design was used by the wife of the President of the Republic for the Independence Day reception in 2017.

The competition offers young Finnish designers a unique opportunity to showcase their talents, gain recognition and visibility, and meet industry professionals and the public. It also serves as a forum that promotes the importance of fashion design and craftsmanship in Finland, which is valued worldwide.

The I love me fair, which offers a booth to the winner, has collaborated with MIELI ry to raise awareness of mental health problems and the charity’s activities. The annual mental health ribbon campaign Mielinauha collects funds to support local mental health and crisis services.

The theme of this year’s competition “joy” is current and reflects the current global mood. The competition challenges participants to create designs that express the joy and positivity we all need in our lives, especially during these challenging times. Applications from fashion design students will be accepted in the coming weeks, and the winner will be announced later this year.

Find the rules, participation instructions and application form for the Young Designer of the Year 2023 competition here.


Source: The Nordic Page




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