Inside Israel’s Secret Spy Industry

Inside Israel’s Secret Spy Industry

Spyware like Pegasus is a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies around the world. But several revelations show that Pegasus has fallen into the wrong hands and has been used to monitor journalists, human rights activists and dissidents worldwide. Konflikt, as one of the few editors, has been granted an interview with the cyber weapons company NSO Group and at the same time dives deeper into the question of why Israel has become so successful in this area, and what responsibility the country has for dissidents being increasingly monitored.

Is it possible to regulate spyware?

Scandal after scandal has been rolled out within the EU, where various spyware has been found in the phones of politicians and journalists, for example the Greek investigative journalist Thanasis Koukakis. Can this be regulated at EU level? Meet the MEP who tries.

In Sweden, there is now a law room to use spyware such as Pegasus within the framework of the law on secret data reading, HDA. How big is the risk that programs like this are abused here as well?

Cast: Chaim Gelfandone of NSO Group’s general counsels, John Scott RailtonCitizen Lab, Oscar Martineza journalist at El Faro newspaper in El Salvador, who has now sued NSO Group after Pegasus hacks were discovered on his and other colleagues’ phones, Wesam Ahmad on the Palestinian MR organization al-Haq, Isaac Ben-IsraelDirector of Tel Aviv University’s Cyber ​​Research Center, Thanasis KoukakisGreek investigative journalist whose phone was infected with the Israeli-made Predator spyware, Sophie In’t VeldDutch MEP who tries to regulate the spread of spyware within the EU, Charlotte von Essenhead of the Swedish Security Police, Rolf Rosenvingefounder and CEO of the company Paliscope, which helps law enforcement agencies around the world analyze and understand the data collected through, for example, phones

Host: Fernando Arias
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Reporters: Edgar Mannheimer, Lotten Collin, Tilda Johnsson

Technician: Tim Kellerman

Producer: Anja Sahlberg





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