Concerns in Taiwan, silent on nuclear waste, nurses are strengthened

Concerns in Taiwan, silent on nuclear waste, nurses are strengthened

Unrest in Taiwan

Ever since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine over a year ago, many have wondered if something similar could happen in Taiwan.

Self-defense courses are quickly fully booked, and military service is made longer.
Hear Björn Djurberg’s report from Taiwan.

Silent on the nuclear waste issue

From having been about to be phased out, a lot is happening with Swedish nuclear power these days. Small so-called SMR reactors may become a reality within a few years. But one question is rarely heard in the debate: that of radioactive waste.

Sweden’s most common job will be “protected”

Nurse is Sweden’s most common job, around 180,000 people work as a nurse, according to the National Board of Health and Welfare.

This summer, assistant nurse will become a protected professional title. The aim is to increase quality and patient safety in healthcare, but will the protected title also mean that the status of the profession increases?

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One hour:

  • New question marks surrounding Nord Stream

  • Reportage from Taiwan

  • The nuclear power debate and the waste issue

  • Football and crisis for the BBC

  • Chronicle by Katarina Barrling

  • The panel

    Hour two:

  • The assistant nurses, do they get a status lift?

  • Public Service Satire

  • “Lion and Lamb”, new novel

  • Irish wave before the Oscars

  • Euthanasia in New Zealand

  • Cheesery by Mark Levengood

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