Hoarders – Kerstin’s stuff chaos | Part 1/3

Hoarders – Kerstin’s stuff chaos |  Part 1/3

Kerstin has collected things since she was a child. But in the three-room apartment she moved from home to 30 years ago, it has become a problem. There are narrow walkways between the piles on the floor, some piles go up to shoulder height and the kitchen table has not been seen for 15 years.

She hasn’t invited anyone over in ten years. Her friends don’t know that she has hoarder’s syndrome and she barely has contact with her family. She has made her own report of concern to social services, attended courses and therapy. But nothing has yet made her stop collecting.

Big dark speech

How many people have hoarder syndrome is hard to know. Many are ashamed and try to hide it from those around them. But research shows that 250,000 in Sweden may suffer from the syndrome.

By: David Ohlsson
Producer: Sigrid Edsenius
Final mix: Fredrik Nilsson

P1 Documentary Miniseries Hoarders is made in collaboration between Sweden’s Radio and the Third Power.





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