In 2022, almost 2,200 dangerous products were removed from the European market according to the Safety Gate system

In 2022, almost 2,200 dangerous products were removed from the European market according to the Safety Gate system

All European market surveillance authorities have a legal obligation to report to the Safety Gate system all products that they find pose a serious risk, and all measures to eliminate the risk. Other Member States can then check whether the same product is available on their market and take the necessary measures. This active cooperation between authorities can significantly enhance market surveillance, as information about dangerous products can be traced across Europe, instead of being limited to one country.

The security gate system is coordinated by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes), the contact point of Finland’s Security Gate, which also participates in EU-level cooperation. In Finland, market surveillance authorities and Customs submitted a total of 79 notifications to the Turvaportti system last year, the most common of which were toys (24), followed by clothing and accessories (9) and personal protective equipment (8). Finland also reports on dangerous electrical equipment (7), various decorative items, such as candles (6), jewelry (5), machines (5), pleasure boats (3) and hand tools (3). Individual announcements were also made about sports equipment, cosmetics, gas appliances and children’s items.

Notifications are made on the basis of individual market surveillance cases and the results of surveillance projects. Most of the notifications made by Finland were made by Tukes and Customs. Tukes made announcements based on the results of its market surveillance projects, including reflectors, power tools and Christmas toys. The most common risk identified in Customs notifications was chemical risk, including phthalates, which are restricted or completely banned plasticisers found in various product categories such as toys, accessories, footwear and hand tools.

Through the Safety Gate system, the European Commission is able to collect information about dangerous products, which can then be used to develop risk assessments and take appropriate measures, such as removing dangerous products from the market or improving product safety standards. Consumers can also check on Turvaporti’s website whether the products they have purchased have been declared dangerous. Overall, the Safety Gate system plays an important role in ensuring the safety of products sold in the EU and protecting consumers from harm.


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