St Albans Church priest appointed Bishop of Huddersfield

The regularity of the changing of the guard at St Albans Church is not unlike the turnover rate of our ambassadors.

Like the diplomats, the priests tend to be posted for between four and six years and then go on their merry way to pastures (and flocks) new.

In the case of the priest Canon Smitha Prasadam, who arrived in Denmark in 2018, she has been here for almost five years, so to use a biblical term: The writing was on the wall.

And this past weekend it came: the second biggest religious calling of her life, some might say, as she has been named the new Bishop of Huddersfield.

Back to Yorkshire
The news, confirmed by Downing Street itself, marks a return to Yorkshire for the bishop, who previously studied at Leeds University. In her new role she will be appropriately responsible for the Anglican Diocese of Leeds.

“I can’t wait to start meeting people in God’s own country again as this is where I came as a student and started my journey so it has a special place in my heart,” she said when she heard the news.

“I look forward to working with parishes, clergy and communities in Kirklees and Calderdale to encourage people in confident discipleship and relish the idea of ​​embracing cultural, educational, commercial and interfaith partners so we can support this wonderful place and its people in common cause.”

Since arriving in Copenhagen, the bishop has not only proven to be a diligent and popular church priest, but she has also been a columnist for the Copenhagen Post, which congratulates Smitha on her appointment and wishes her all the best in the future.

Source: The Nordic Page




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