This is how Russian spies hide in our midst

This is how Russian spies hide in our midst

The host Bo Torbjörn Ek from the podcast Gräns ​​tells how spies create a cover in order to blend in as ordinary citizens. They are called “illegals”. Both the Security Police and the military intelligence and security service Must warn that the threat from “illegals” now risks increasing after Russian diplomats and intelligence officers have been expelled from Sweden.

Host: Robin Olin

Reporter: Bo Torbjörn Ek, presenter of the Gräns ​​podcast

Producers: Karl Kadhammar and Katja Magnusson

Final mix: Ludvig Jansson

The sounds come from: The Armed Forces Must Annual Review, Smithsonian Channel, Jay Leno Show, ABC News, CBS, al-Jazeera, Reuters, The Americans, Bellingcat, Lawfare, NRK, CBC News, Dagens Industri, Ekot

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