A large drug organization uncovered in Åland, with a street value of 120,000 euros

A large drug organization uncovered in Åland, with a street value of 120,000 euros

The cooperation between Customs and the Åland Police Department began in 2022 to investigate the drug crime situation in Åland. During the cooperation, the customs authorities stopped a person arriving from Sweden to Åland in the port of Eckerö, where they confiscated approximately 2.9 kilograms of hashish found in the vehicle. An importer living in mainland Finland was arrested on suspicion of a serious drug crime, but was later released. Customs suspected that the shipment of narcotics was intended to be distributed in Åland.

At the end of 2022, the preliminary investigation by Customs and the police also revealed three other cases of importation, and the authorities seized a large amount of narcotics and medicinal tablets classified as narcotics. Customs and the police seized a total of approximately 3.9 kilograms of hashish, 110 grams of cocaine and 2,000 narcotic tablets in separate import situations. Nine people are suspected of being involved in the case. Customs and the police are investigating the case as a series of several serious drug crimes.

In the preliminary investigation by customs and the police, several other events related to the importation and distribution of narcotics were revealed in addition to the cases mentioned above. One of the accompanying couriers made two previous smuggling trips to Åland, during which 3,000 narcotic tablets, an unknown amount of hashish and 100 grams of cocaine were imported and distributed. The preliminary investigation also revealed a case concerning the importation and distribution of Rivotril narcotic tablets, which the authorities suspect happened in September.

The criminal organization operated in such a way that the couriers first picked up the narcotics from Sweden, after which the substances were distributed to Åland in a small circle of people. Seven of the suspects live in Åland and two in mainland Finland. The seized and distributed narcotics correspond to more than 26,000 doses.

In addition, the police suspect one of the participants in the case of threatening a witness. The person in question is suspected of threatening violence against the co-suspect due to the statement he gave in the preliminary investigation.

Several people have been arrested during the preliminary investigation of the case. Two of those involved are still in custody. During the preliminary investigation, Customs has cooperated with Swedish customs and the police, among others. The preliminary investigation has ended and the matter has been transferred to the Åland Public Prosecutor’s Office for prosecution consideration.

This case is a warning to those involved in the illegal importation and distribution of narcotics that the authorities will not tolerate such behavior. Customs and the police work tirelessly to ensure that such criminal activity is stopped and those involved are held accountable for their actions. The cooperation between Customs and the Åland Police Department has been crucial in uncovering the criminal organization, and cooperation between the authorities is needed in the future so that similar events do not recur in the future.


Source: The Nordic Page




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