Annie Lennox – Eurythmics, synths and a style icon in a suit

Annie Lennox – Eurythmics, synths and a style icon in a suit

December 1980, high above the Indian Ocean. Slumped in the airplane seat sits a despairing singer from Scotland. Her short hairstyle is blonde and her cheekbones are high. What is most prominent right now, however, are the dark circles under the eyes.

Annie is completely exhausted, but the thoughts spinning in her head prevent her from falling asleep. Despite being only 26 years old, she worries that her performing career is over, before it has barely taken off. The Australia tour has been a nightmare. Annie reluctantly realizes that the rock band The Tourist, in which she sings, has completely collapsed.

Strapped into the cramped seat, in the small cabin, Annie understands that she needs to make a radical change. Before she can regret it, she turns to her boyfriend who is sitting next to her. Dave and Annie have been a passionate love couple for four years, as long as they have been playing music together. However, 12,000 meters up in the air, they both understand that it no longer works. They agree that their chemistry is a creative primal force which – if allowed to blossom freely without hindrance – is unstoppable. But for that to be possible, they have to sacrifice something.

When the plane lands many hours later in a gray overcast London, they have made up their minds. Annie and Dave have broken up in order to instead bet everything on their musical partnership.

P3 Music documentary about Annie Lennox is the story of making music with her ex and constantly challenging people’s expectations of how a woman in the music industry should behave.

The documentary was made by Stefan Sundberg in the winter of 2023.
Producer Joanna Korbutiak.
Executive producer Lars Truedson.
Technician Fredrik Nilsson.
The program is made by the production company Tredje Statsmakten Media.

Cast: Olle Romö, Karin Bolin Derne and Christian Kopponen Wikström.

The books Annie Lennox – The Biography by Bryony Sutherland & Lucy Ellis and Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This by Dave Stewart have been important sources for the program.

The sound clips in the documentary come from interviews with Norwegian NRK (1987), Efter Tre (Sveriges Radio, 1992), Paste Studios (Paste Magazine, 2016), the Australian television program Countdown (1980), the documentary Omnibus (1995), Top of the Pops (BBC, 1989), Rock n Roll Hall of Fame (2022) and American Grammy Awards (1984).





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