Denmark’s best cake is in Copenhagen

Denmark’s best cake is in Copenhagen

You bake girl!
It is the second time that Bastholm has won the award, and in fact the three best came from Copenhagen eateries, where the efforts of Freja Krarup (Maison d’Angleterre) and Christina Ivang (Conditori La Glace) came second and third.

The ladies were overwhelmingly potent this year, and apart from Bastholm, the women were all in the top 10.

The judges’ taste buds were undoubtedly put to serious work on the day as they were charged with inspecting 100 cakes to find the winner (see image below).

See the best cakes herefind out where they can be found and get the recipe for the winner!

(photo: Facebook/Konditorlauget)

Source: The Nordic Page




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