Biden’s recipe for the banking crisis

Biden’s recipe for the banking crisis

The party is over in Silicon Valley and in the space of a week three US banks have failed. Now the White House is working to save people’s savings and to avoid further bank collapses.

What caused the banks to fail? And what tools does politics have to deal with the crisis? Ekonomiekot’s Pär Ivarsson explains.

Trump’s harsh attack on DeSantis

Meanwhile, the Republican race for the 2024 presidential election is heating up. Ex-president Donald Trump was in Iowa this weekend and slandered his likely opponent Ron DeSantis. And DeSantis, well he was in Iowa too.

Cast: Ginna LindbergUS commentator on Ekot, Cecilia KhavarUSA Correspondent and Pär Ivarssoneconomics reporter at Ekot.

Host: Sarah Stenholm

Producer: Viktor Mattsson

Technician: Andreas Ericsson





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