Denmark’s military expenditure is increasing as the world’s powers sharpen their claws

S! CLEAN song
A new defense proposal is a new one doomsday alarm called S!RENEN, which will sound a loud siren on people’s phones in the event of an impending disaster.

There is no need to download a special app: in an emergency, the alert will be sent directly by mobile operators to mobile phones, along with information and instructions on what to do.

This new measure will come into force in April.

Meanwhile, in another development, Denmark has issued a tender for several million dollars more buy small drones that works in cold temperatures.

These can come in handy in Denmark’s remote areas such as Greenland, which has attracted the interest of global powers due to the potential of its natural resources.

Scary times
Based on recent events, it appears that Mongolia’s fears of escalation are justified. Yesterday, a US drone was shot down by Russian warplanes over the Black Sea in a move called “reckless” by the US military.

Elsewhere, the US and Britain have agreed to supply Australia with nuclear submarines to give the West more influence in the Pacific.

In response, China issued a typically threatening announcementand declares that the West is treading “a path of error and danger”.

Small countries are understandably nervous as sparks begin to fly between these huge military powers. Sometimes it must feel like all they can do is watch.

Source: The Nordic Page

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