Finland’s dog population is 800,000

Finland’s dog population is 800,000

The study revealed that 81% of all Finnish dogs, i.e. 640,000, are purebred, of which 582,000 are registered in the Kennel Association or identification database. The number of purebred dogs registered with the Finnish Kennel Association is high by international standards, which shows that dog breeding and shows are popular in Finland. There are approximately 58,000 purebred dogs in the Kennel Association’s register.

In addition to purebred dogs, there are also mixed-breed dogs that are not registered with the Kennel Club. In addition, the study revealed that approximately every fifth household in Finland has a dog, an average of 1.37 dogs per household. In households with one dog, 77 percent of households have purebred dogs.

In the economic survey, 1,001 people participated in the survey and the sample was weighted to represent Finnish households nationwide. The poll’s margin of error is approximately ±3 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.

The Finnish government introduced the dog identification and registration requirement at the beginning of this year. The law requires that all dogs must have a microchip, and their identification information and owners must be reported to the Food Agency’s currently developing dog registry by the end of this year.

The Finnish Kennel Club’s register has been an important provider of dog origin information for decades, as it is the only register available. All registered dogs have identification microchips and since 2006 there has been a publicly available dog breeding database containing pedigree, performance and health information. The Kennel Club’s register is so important that the government agency has found the control of dog breeding to be sufficient when a significant part of the dog breeding within the Kennel Club’s field can be monitored. If the number of purebred dogs escaping from the registry continues to grow, monitoring dog breeding may become more challenging.


Source: The Nordic Page




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