Magpie: Finland is not ready to return to the EU’s ban on combustion engine vehicles

Magpie: Finland is not ready to return to the EU’s ban on combustion engine vehicles

“If the result achieved through negotiations is allowed to differ from one side, it will also differ from the other parties. For this reason, the compromises reached should not be revisited. It paralyzes EU decision-making and makes it unpredictable,” he said comment For YLE on Monday.

Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Poland have formed a minority blocking the final approval of vehicle emissions standards that would effectively ban the sale of new combustion engine vehicles after 2035. Germany has demanded that synthetic fuels be granted an exception. in a climate-neutral way, also known as e-fuels.

Harakka said he hoped that an agreement would be reached between Germany and the European Commission.

“I am sure that it is possible to reach the compromise that Germany is looking for without re-examining the whole thing,” he stated.

He added that Finland is preparing a statement on the emission targets for road vehicles. – We repeat our position from the beginning, according to which biogas should be recognized at least as a fuel for the transition period in terms of CO2 values ​​for cars and vans.

The European Parliament voted in February 340 for and 279 against emission standards, which practically require that new cars must use electricity or hydrogen after 2035.

The electrification of the vehicle fleet is considered an important step towards reducing traffic emissions, which, unlike other emissions, have continued to rise in recent years. Traffic emissions currently make up about 12 percent of the EU’s total carbon emissions.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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