Novo Nordisk will lower its insulin prices in the US

Pressure from Prez
Novo Nordisk said it would cut the price of its insulin products by up to 75 percent – products to be included in the price cut include Levemir, Novolin, NovoLog.

The issue of pharmaceutical companies overcharging for their products reached the halls of the White House, where President Biden called on pharmaceutical companies to voluntarily lower prices for everyone.

Novo Nordisk’s competitor, Eli Lilly, responded weeks ago by announcing that it would initiate significant reductions in its insulin prices this year.

“For too long, American families have been crushed by drug costs that are many times higher than what people in other countries are charged for the same prescriptions. Insulin costs less than $10 to make, but Americans are sometimes forced to pay over $300 for it. It is completely wrong,” Biden said.

Source: The Nordic Page




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